Pudding (kurochi) wrote in summerscent,

Hello everyone~ :) Ah! Well, it does look as if the community is well -- dead.. ._.; Yes.. It really does suck. Heh. But! I hope that it will become alive.. or something. Ha.. I changed the layout. :) How do you guys like it? It adds a lot more than the other one. ^^; Yeah~ Does anyone know what happened the that LovelyJihun or something like that site that had TONS of Summer Scent stuff? Wow~ It's really missed. You never know how much you love something until it's gone. So true.

Summer Scent is a truely good kdrama. It really is. I mean, I find myself craving to watch it again sometimes. So odd.. Me wanting to watch 20 hours of something when I've already seen it.. Ha. Yes.. Anyone else have this craving?

Well, I made a colorbar. :) Yeah~ Soo.. spread the love. <3 lol. ^^;

Summer Scent is raining love.

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