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I was hoping there would be a community for 여름향기. I've been interested in this drama from when it was first shown in Korea, a lot of my Korean friends were talking about it, but it's hard to gain access to such things without paying a ridiculous price while living all the way out here in Hawaii. I eventually discovered that a friend of mine owns the box set, so he lent it to me with two other Korean movies. I was glued to my TV for a week just because of 여름향기 lol. It was indeed a great story and now I have this funny feeling that I can't escape it, i'm actually contemplating whether to watch the whole series again ^^;; I'm currently in the process of downloading the series off of torrent, which will probably take a few days.

Anyways, I made these a few days ago if anybody is interested.

the oh so sweet firefly scene ♥

I love the location and how this scene was shot.
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