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I was hoping there would be a community for 여름향기. I've been interested in this drama from when it was first shown in Korea, a lot of my Korean friends were talking about it, but it's hard to gain access to such things without paying a ridiculous price while living all the way out here in Hawaii. I eventually discovered that a friend of mine owns the box set, so he lent it to me with two other Korean movies. I was glued to my TV for a week just because of 여름향기 lol. It was indeed a great story and now I have this funny feeling that I can't escape it, i'm actually contemplating whether to watch the whole series again ^^;; I'm currently in the process of downloading the series off of torrent, which will probably take a few days.

Anyways, I made these a few days ago if anybody is interested.

the oh so sweet firefly scene ♥

I love the location and how this scene was shot.
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OMG. i love the things you made!

mind if i save them? i'll credit if i use them. 8)
yeah thats fine ^_^ I don't really mind, i'll probably end up making more XD
good job on the stuff you made! they're lovely.

haha, i'm contemplating whether to watch the whole series again! ijust can't get it out of my head, even though i finished watching it 2 weeks ago.


You have NO idea HOW LONG I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR that particular GIF
thank you so much

mind if i save them???

that is also my favorite scene in summer scent
another thing

for the second one, would it be possible to make one for lj's?
i think the current one is a tad too big

sorry, if i sounded like a maniac in the previous comment, i was really excited.

hey, you wouldn't happen to know eunice from Cornell would you?
haha you SN really caught my attention, I was like... "That's Eunice's friend" ^^;;

If you cut down the gif in PS Image Ready i'm sure you could make it into an icon ^^ you're welcome to.

YOUR sn looked really familiar. I thought I had seen it in relation to eunice's onestop or lj stuff, but I wanted to make sure.

I downloaded a few episodes of the series... will probably watch it AGAIN. :)
Nice gifs. I love the Firefly scene... seeing both of them happy makes me happy!
:) ooo!!! LOVELY~~~ ^_^ I must save these. :D Thanks.