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( yeah.. i know the banner sucks.. ._.; )

Hello! Welcome to the Summer Scent community! :) Yay~ Heh.. Yeah. So anyways! If you love Summer Scent or even one of the actors/actresses, then please join. :) If you happen to have a community about a drama, then please let me know. :D I'll be sure to place a link to it here. The maintainer of this community is kurochi. If you have any questions or whatnot, please contact me.

Next, I would just like to tell you the rules.. Yeah, not really any rules. I would like to say though that there are prolly some people who haven't yet watched all of Summer Scent. So, if you are going to spoil please place the spoil behind an LJ-Cut tag, or place the text that is the spoiler in a very light color again the background of the table. Go further down for how to. AND also.. I don't think anyone would do this, but however, DO NOT, I REPEAT do not in any way bash Summer Scent or any of the characters or the actors/actresses, EXSPECIALLY Son Yae Jin. Now, saying that you didn't like something about Summer Scent or the actors/actresses if fine, but NO going overboard. I will seriously get very pissed off, and so with others. I'm not a very good person at handling a temper. >)

How to place a LJ-Cut tag or make the color of a text light against the background for spoilers -- For LJ-Cut, you place <*lj-cut text="Place text that you want here">Put the spoilers in here and take out the astricks (*). And for making the color of the text light against the background, first you have to decide what color to use.. For right now the background of the tables is a dark green color, so maybe light green would work. So, to do that you would put <*font color="green">Place the spoilers here and take out the astricks (*). If you have any questions just ask. I know it can be confusing, exspecially when I'm the one explaining, lol.

Soo~ With all that out of the way, :D I hope you join, and have fun. :D If you like to make a layout or an avatar or something for the community (Ooo~ Like a new banner to replace the one up there. xD), then please either contact me, or post it in the community. :D It would be very lovely~

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I would just like to add as my closing,


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